Inhalt:Special dress, toys,
furniture and installations

Susannas Institut can provide a wide selection of all kind of toys and accessories, as well as special (fetish) dress, such as provocative lingerie, real nylon stockings, vinyl, latex, leather, or costumes such as a schoolgirl outfit, the sexy secretary look, the stewardess, policewoman, bride, nun, etc. Why not treat yourself to a nice surprise with a sexy performance, or turn your hottest secret desires into a real horny experience.

In our Asia theme room you will find a genuine gynaecologist's inspection chair from a medical practice, in SM room a mobile gynaecologist's chair and in the attached SM room there's an Andreas cross waiting for your fantasy games, as well as a massage bench in each room (some are mobile and can be adjusted to the required height within seconds)

These are all available to you at any time and can be integrated in your fantasy experience as you wish!

We also have of course real dildos and vibrators, from small and neat to large and evil, including a double dildo for 2-hole penetration games, various strapons, cold-wax candles for erotic wax games,

Belts, cords and leather devices for tying balls, cock or breasts, wigs, shoes and various make-up ideas for a transsexual makeover, sexy underwear both for gents and for ladies, nipple clamps of various strengths and a large separate selection of SM and clinic accessories, an artificial pussy, a large rubber hand for dirty fisting games, board games and dice for adults to ensure a relaxed introduction to your fantasy world as well as various other toys.

We are open to almost any suggestion or fetish and we are always happy to encounter new types of adventure. Simply tell us what you have in mind!