Nobody knows how exactly an erotic encounter between a man and a woman proceed during its time. To list every kind of sexual game would go too far at this point. Please feel free to tell us about your phantasies and wishes.

One of the major reasons for the relaxed atmosphere in my institute is that every girlfriend of mine offers the sexual games that she likes and wants to live with her guests.

If you decide to change your wishes this is always possible. Fairness combined with confidentiality and openness is the most important good for me and the ladies in my institute.

Our prices are typical for our region and start with 50 Euro for 20 minutes of joy including fondling, licking, tongue-kissing, oral sex without condom, dildo-games, body2body, massages, footsex, sex with multiple orgasms, cuming on tits or butt, fingering, dirty talk or a lingam handjob.

Please ask for our hot and sexy menu via our contact form, send us an e-mail or call us.